The First Step——Build Your Cloud

Maximizing Cloud Advantages Stimulates Company Innovation Potential

To drive digital transformation and provide reliable comprehensive one-stop services.
Cloud Migration
Assisting clients in cloud migration, database migration, cross-regional deployment migration, and result validation to ensure stable operation of business systems.
Digital Cloud Services
Providing clients with a complete set of infrastructure and a new generation of cloud services that offer secure solutions, high-performance, cost-effective, and optimized operation.

Cloud Hosting

A new generation of managed services focuses on safety, high efficiency, cost reduction, and operational optimization.
Cloud Consulting

End-to-end solutions for research, evaluation, planning, design, and implementation throughout the entire lifecycle.

Overseas Business

Helping clients achieve market expansion, risk diversification, increased sales profit, talent, and technology acquisition.

Network Acceleration

Securely distributing data, video, applications, and APIs to global clients with low latency and high transmission speed.

eCloudrover focuses more on the use of
frontier technology and AI technology in various fields.
imAgine——Text-to-image Solution

One-click subscription, one-click activation. Assisting enterprises in quickly building Stable Diffusion environment in the cloud, helping enterprises quickly generate images, posters, and other artistic materials, achieving a reduction in labor costs and an increase in productivity.
Askture——Large Language Model Solution

Based on an intelligent search engine, the enterprise knowledge base solution, Askture can provide users with content retrieval and precise question answering based on the corpus through vector search and natural language processing.
AI Consulting Services

Rapidly customize multi-level and multi-dimensional management systems for goals, products, and teams, coach the implementation of a unified digital management approach for people, events, and processes, comprehensively promote collaborative efficiency, and upgrade organizational effectiveness. Continuously improve driven by real, comprehensive, and timely management data to shape high adaptability and strong organizational evolution.

RPA——Robotic Process Automation

Utilizing AI technology to interact work information with business through robots, efficiently resolving complex processes during overload, saving labor costs, and helping enterprises gradually achieve intelligent and convenient governance.
Release AI Technology's Charm and Achieve Enterprise Digitalization

Accelerate the speed of digital transformation and utilize AI technology to provide efficient and convenient tools for cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
eCloudrover provides efficient and professional services for you.
Professional Team
Our team possesses professional knowledge and skills, along with flexibility and adaptability, to swiftly respond to customized requirements and guide enterprises toward digital transformation.
Certified Technology
Our team possesses hundreds of professional architect certifications and has won various qualifications in cloud migration, cloud security, cloud hosting, IoT, data analysis, machine learning, SAP, and DevOps.
Attentive Services
We provide customized services, offering quick and effective responses to clients’ needs. We have successfully served 1000+ clients across various industries including internet, media, gaming, e-commerce, manufacturing, automotive, fintech, and social applications, establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships.
Cooperative Customers Over the years, we've partnered up with 1000+ clients in their journey to growth.
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