How can we achieve network acceleration?

1. Dedicated Line Transmission and Routing Optimization: Optimizing dedicated line transmission and routing to improve data transmission speed and stability. This optimization primarily relies on the configuration and management of underlying network resources. 2. Anycast Network Acceleration: The Anycast network acceleration solution provides high-speed channels for the third-party internal network, enabling high-speed access to dedicated IP for both domestic and international use. This solution demonstrates significant optimization on a global scale, particularly in cross-border areas, reducing jitter, packet loss, and latency to enhance network performance. 3. Hybrid Cloud Intranet Acceleration: The hybrid cloud intranet acceleration solution establishes rapid interconnection of all resources through cloud interconnection and automatic learning and updating of internal routing, facilitating fast inter-node resource access. This solution is primarily suitable for intranet acceleration. 4. TCP/IP Layer Network Acceleration Service: For example, global acceleration service creates acceleration instances to provide nearby services. These instances can be viewed as overseas IP addresses, with access automatically routed through high-speed networks to servers in the country for processing. The results are then returned overseas via high-speed networks. This service allows for selecting the number and location settings of acceleration instances based on actual requirements, such as deploying multiple acceleration nodes globally to achieve worldwide acceleration networking.

What can eCloudrover do for you?
CDN is a vital component in today's network. eCloudrover has assisted numerous enterprises in successfully expanding and consolidating their presence in overseas markets, greatly enhancing their user experience. We prioritize our customers' needs and have extensive experience in CDN. We help clients overcome current challenges and provide customized solutions based on their difficulties and requirements, including high latency in web browsing, accessibility issues, and secure global data distribution.
Customized Development Functions

Function nameA brief description of the functionApplicable scenarios
PreheatPre-cache static content on CDN nodes to skip the waiting time for initial downloads from the origin server, thus improving cache hit rates.The new version of the game is released, with software updates specially designed for large files publishing needs, and periodic updates for e-books.
Automatically return cross-origin headersUsing Lambda@edge to automatically add cross-origin headers to prevent CROS error situations.When no cross-origin headers are set at the origin, CloudFront does not modify the HttpHead, achieving resource sharing using Lambda@Edge.
S3-Mirror image source

When the origin server is a S3 static webpage link, any errors will automatically redirect to other URLs to achieve automatic completion of incomplete data.

After a large-scale migration of data to S3, automatically fill in any missing documents when document omissions occur.
cloudfront-Mirror image sourceWhen using Lambda@Edge, if the origin server returns a 404 error, go to the original origin server to retrieve the content and upload it to the new origin server.After migrating to CloudFront, when a 404 error occurs, automatically populate the new origin content.
Automated batch configurationAutomatically configure CloudFront distribution in bulk through the API.

When there are a large number of domain configurations, the migration process can automatically go online in batches.

Personalized content distributionCustomize behaviors based on location or viewer's device type using Lambda@Edge.Customize content based on country, region or device type.
Log analysisQuery CF logs through Athena to analyze connectivity.Certain regions or users may experience connectivity failures when accessing the content delivery network.
Proactively synchronize the CloudFront IP address rangeLambda actively updates the origin security group settings to ensure that the restricted incoming traffic is all from the cloudfront IP range, thus avoiding erroneous blocking.Increase website security to prevent malicious traffic.

eCloudrover offers you CDN products

Amazon CloudFront
1. It is possible to securely distribute data, video, applications, and API to global customers with low latency and high transmission speed. 2. All of these are accomplished in a developer-friendly environment. 3. Domain-level encryption and HTTPS support are provided, seamlessly integrated with AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall, and Amazon Route 53.
Akamai-Content Delivery Network
1. Providing fast and attractive application and API performance; 2. Utilizing powerful real-time load testing and intelligent load balancing capabilities to conduct stress testing and optimization for websites and applications; 3. Enhancing visual media experience for end users.
Volcano Engine-Multi-Cloud CDN
1. Support mainstream public cloud service providers access, say goodbye to multi-platform switching, achieve one-stop management; 2. Unified management of CDN accelerated domain names, including domain name configuration, statistical analysis, refresh preheating, etc.; 3. Traffic scheduling between different CDNs; 4. Real-time monitoring of the availability of CDN services from various cloud service providers, supporting alarm notifications and automatic disaster recovery switching, ensuring business stability.
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