Business intelligence utilizing machine learning
eCloudrover provides business analysis to select, construct, and implement machine learning methods based on business needs.
It conducts graphical data exploration based on extensive data algorithms.
Unleash the power of data and tailor-make an AI solution for your enterprise.

Why is cloud-based machine learning necessary?

Lack of data mining skills
Data mining requires professional data scientists, and generally, businesses do not have a team practicing data mining.
High-value business scenarios cannot be implemented
The data hasn't been processed through the model algorithm, so it can't be applied to business scenarios such as risk prediction, credit evaluation, and association recommendation.
Data observation is challenging
The relationship map of data knowledge and future development trends cannot be adequately expressed through appropriate visualization.

eCloudrover offers you solutions.

Professional consulting team
Team of experts in the field of machine learning, providing design solutions for machine learning algorithm applications.
Building a machine learning model
Select the appropriate machine learning algorithm and code implementation based on business requirements.
Visualization of data
Visualizing the process and results of machine learning facilitates tracking the learning outcome for business purposes.
eCloudrover's Service Advantages
Tailored for business
Based on open source models, seamlessly embed into business processes. Customize development for specific business scenarios and data foundations tailored to enterprises.
Integrated data cleansing
The high-quality data is closely linked to the accuracy of the model learning results, and eCloudrover can simultaneously provide data quality management services throughout the entire lifecycle.
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